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15 February 2013 @ 08:18 pm

All of the download links in this LiveJournal are DEAD !
(my MF account got suspended)

and that's why I will no longer update my latest post here

I opened a new site :

I will move all the posts here to the new site ^^
with new download links!

see you there ^~^
I feel: busybusy
12 February 2013 @ 07:18 am

here is my download index of all the karaoke subbed videos I made ^^
(alphabetical order)

- 동방신기 / TVXQ / 東方神起 -

학교종이 아카펠라 (a children song acapella)
Are You A Good Girl (악녀)
Asu Wa Kuru Kara
Balloons (풍선) live
Balloons (풍선) MV
Break Out
Day Moon
Doll (인형)
Don't Say Goodbye
Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattandarou
Etude of My Memories [Yunho Junsu Yoochun]
Flower Lady
Forever Love
Grandfather's Clock
HaHaHa CFs
HaHaHa Song (하하하쏭)
Heart, Mind, and Soul
Hey! Don't Bring Me Down
Holding Back The Tears
Hug (EN)
Hug (JP)
Hug (KR debut)
Hug (KR MV)
Hug (KR Rock)
In The Still Of The Night
It's Raining Men [Jaejoong Changmin]
It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday (A Capella)
Kiss Shita Mama Sayonara (KISSしたまま、さよなら)
Kiss The Baby Sky
Kotoba Ni Dekinai
Last Angel [feat Koda Kumi]
Love In The Ice (JP - Soul Power Live)
Love In The Ice (JP - Tokyo Dome Con)
Love In The Ice (KR)
Love is..
Lovin' You
Mideoyo (믿어요) / Believe
Mideoyo (믿어요) / Believe MV
Mirotic (JP)
Mirotic (KR live)
Mirotic (KR MV)
My Little Princess
My Little Princess (Acapella)
Nothing Better (12시 34분)
O (JP)
O Holy Night
Picture of You (노을..바라보다)
Rising Sun (KR)
Share The World
Song For You (KR)
Stand By U
Step by Step + New York, New York
Summer Dream
Thanks To
Toki Wo Tomete
Try My Love
Towa Ni (ft. The Gospellers)
Unforgettable (바보)
We Are
White Lies (네 곁에 숨쉴 수 있다면)
With All My Heart
Wrong Number
You're My Melody
You're My Miracle

misc : congratulatory song incident

- 동방두오 / HoMin -

Athena (아테나)
Back To Tomorrow
Before U Go (이것만은 알고가)
Catch Me
Duet (live)
Duet PV

How Can I
I Don't Know
Introduction ~Magenta~
Journey (ft SNSD Seohyun)
Maximum (JP)
Maximum (KR)
Shiawase Iro No Hana
Superstar live
Superstar PV
Why (왜) Keep Your Head Down (KR)

Why (왜) Keep Your Head Down (KR live)
Why (왜) Keep Your Head Down (KR Dance Ver)
Why Keep Your Head Down (JP)
Winter Rose
Winter Rose (Live)
Winter Rose (Preview)

- JYJ -

Ayyy Girl
Be My Girl
Be The One
Fallen Leaves (낙엽)
Found You
Get Out (live)
Get Out MV
I.D.S (I Deal Scenario)
I Have Nothing

In Heaven live
In Heaven MV (official)
In Heaven MV (fanmade)
Itsu Datte Kimi Ni
Long Way
Nine (9)
The Boy's Letter (소년의 편지)
W (Thanksgiving Live in Dome)
W (Memories in 2010)

- Lotte Duty Free commercial -

So I'm Loving You (V.A JP)
So I'm Loving You (JYJ Behind The Scenes KR)
So I'm Loving You (V.A 2011)
So I'm Loving You (JYJ cuts 2011)

- JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul-


1. JYJ
01. ACT 1 : The Creation
02. Empty
03. I.D.S (I Deal Scenario)
04. JYJ Talk
05. Still In Love
06. Dance Break
07. Pierrot
08. Be My Girl
09. ACT 2 : The Test + Mission Intro
10. Mission
11. I Love You + Talk
12. Drunken Truth (취중진담)
13. Nine
14. Interactive Table Talk / Twitter Talk
15. Ayyy Girl
16. ACT 3 : The Evolution + Empty Orchestra
17. Too Love
18. I Can Soar
19. To You It's Goodbye (너에겐 이별 나에겐 기다림)
20. Found You (찾았다)

2. Jaejoong
02. Empty
03. I.D.S (I Deal Scenario)
04. JYJ Talk
05. Still In Love
06. Pierrot
07. Be My Girl
09. Mission
10. Nine
11. Interactive Table Talk / Twitter Talk
12. Ayyy Girl
14. To You It's Goodbye (너에겐 이별 나에겐 기다림)
15. Found You (찾았다)
16. JYJ Talk 2

3. Yuchun
02. Empty
03. I.D.S (I Deal Scenario)
04. JYJ Talk
05. Pierrot
06. Be My Girl
08. Mission
09. I Love You + Talk
10. Drunken Truth (취중진담)
11. Nine
12. Interactive Table Talk / Twitter Talk
13. Ayyy Girl
15. Found You (찾았다)

4. Junsu
02. Empty
03. I.D.S (I Deal Scenario)
04. JYJ Talk
05. Pierrot
06. Be My Girl
08. Mission
09. Nine
10. Interactive Table Talk / Twitter Talk
11. Ayyy Girl
13. Too Love
14. I Can Soar
15. Found You (찾았다)

01. Showcase Highlight
02. Play Concert (Making Film)
03. Concert Highlight

- YunJae fanvid -

A Thousand Year Love Song (천년연가)
Saranghaeyo Zhi Dui Ni Shuo (사랑해요 只對你說)

- JaeChun -

Colors (live)
Colors (Memories in 2010)
Colors PV

fanvid : That Man 그남자 (Junsu's cover)

- Hero Jaejoong -

1st Mini Album: I
[One Kiss, Mine, 내안 가득히 (There's Only You), 나만의 위로 (My Only Comfort), All Alone]

Colors (Memories in 2010)
Footsteps (발걸음)
Forgotten Season
For You
For You It's Goodbye, For Me It's Waiting

I Will Protect You

Living Like A Dream (살아도 꿈인 것처럼)
Still in Love
The First Poem 서시 (Protect the Boss ep 12)
W (Memories in 2010)
You Made Me Impressed 넌 감동이었어 (Protect the Boss ep 12)

Kim Jaejoong 1st Fanmeeting in Jakarta Fancams :
part 1
part 2

misc :
Five Reasons to Love Jaejoong
Jingle Jae
Just The Way You Are

- Max Changmin -

Ban Dal (Halfmoon) - lullaby
Confession (고백)
More Than Words
When I First Kissed You
Wild Soul

- Micky Yoochun -

Colors (Memories in 2010)
Drunken Truth (취중진담)
Fox Rain / Like Weather (여우비)
Love Bye Love
My Girlfriend
One Last Cry
The Empty Space for You (너를 위한 빈자리)
The Empty Space for You (너를 위한 빈자리) FMV
W (Memories in 2010)

- U-know Yunho -

Crazy Life
Dance Performance (Rising Sun Concert)

- Xiah Junsu -

Around and Around (돌고 돌아도)
Beautiful Thing
Can You Hear Me? (내 말이 들리나요)
I Can Soar
I Don't Like Love (사랑이 싫다구요)
Intoxication (JP)
Intoxication (KR)
Kanashimi no Yukue (悲しみのゆくえ)
Kimi Ga Ireba (live)
Kimi Ga Ireba (PV)
Love Is Like A Snowflake (사랑은 눈꽃처럼)
No Gain
Set Me Free (feat Bizzy)
Tarantallegra (EN / Oriental Ver)
Tarantallegra (KR)
Thank U For
Though I Already Know (알면서도)
Timeless (ft Jang Ri In)
Too Love
Tree Covered In Dew (이슬을 머금은 나무)
W (Memories in 2010)
Xiahtic (feat Key)
You Are So Beautiful

- Kim Junsoo Musical Concert with Levay and Friends -

Song Lyrics

01. Mozart! Mozart! 모차르트! 모차르트! (신영숙, 오상원 외 ensemble)
02. Red Jacket 빨간 자켓 (김준수, 배해선)
03. I am Music 나는 나는 음악 (김준수)
04. Find Mozart 모차르트를 찾아라 (김준수, 서범석, 우베크뢰거 외 ensemble)
06. How Cruel Is Life 이 얼마나 잔인한 인생인가 (김준수)
07. I am Schikaneder 나는 쉬카네더 (오상원 외 ensemble)
09. A Pig Tail With Poo 똥 묻은 돼지 꼬리 (김준수 외 ensemble)
12. To Know You, Is To Love You 사랑하면 서로를 알 수 있어 (김준수, 정선아)
13. Who? Who is it? 누가 누구인가 (김준수 외 ensemble)
15. Recover Your Sense Of Pride 자부심, 정신차려라 (김준수, 서범석)
16. Why Can't You Love Me 왜 나를 사랑하지 않나요 (김준수)
17. I Stay In Vienna 난 빈에 남겠소 (김준수, 박은태 외 ensemble)
19. Can't Avoid My Destiny 내 운명 피하고 싶어 (김준수 외 ensemble)

When I Want to Dance 내가 춤추고 싶을 때 (김준수, 정선아)
04. The Last Dance 마지막 춤 (김준수)
05. Die Schatten Werden Länger 그림자는 길어지고 (우베 크뢰거, 전동석)

01. I Missed You 니가 그리웠어 (김준수, 피아노 실베스터 르베이)

01. Intoxication (김준수 외 ensemble)

- Others -

꺼져 줄게 잘 살아 - G.NA feat. 용준형
숫자놀이 (numbers song) - 포로로 (pororo)
Black & White - G.NA
Drawing You (그대를 그리다) - 연정
Glass 유리 - Hwayobi (Miss Ripley OST)
Gloria - YUI
Hello - SHINee
I Did Wrong - 2AM
I Made An Accident - Davichi
Let Me Hear Your Voice - Big Bang
Lucifer - SHINee
Super Girl - SuJu M
The One - F.T Island
Tokyo - YUI
Yume Wo Kanaete Doraemon - MAO

to request songs go here
to find out about how to make karaoke sub and FAQs go here
to know more about suspended Youtube account, go here

click Read more.. to find the download links

thank you for giving me comments..! ^^

- angel 이주연 -
has been subbing since Jan 14th, 2010

update : only registered users can comment on my LJ now since I found a lot of spammers lately~

I feel: happyhappy
11 February 2013 @ 08:23 pm
Hello~♥ I wonder if anyone notice the CC subs that has been added to some of the videos?
I had the idea of getting the song translated into multiple-language (thanks to the recent Shades of Jae'd project) to help worldwide fans understand the songs easier and give the boys more ♥♥♥♥♥

and, as I got some people interested in it from twitter, I'm going to ask if anyone else wants to volunteer and help translating the song to your own local language or any other language you know, and by doing so, also willing to install some programs and learn some simple procedure to get things done neatly~^^

♥ Why W5ubbers?

as it is kind of silly to call ourselves multiple-language-translation-team, I was asking some friends for name ideas, and it was an idea from @donutnatsu♥ that win the votes in the facebook poll.

W5ubbers stands for Worldwide 5(S)ubbers
the idea was generated from 'multiple language' -> 'international' -> 'worldwide'.
'Worldwide' being the 'W' we all are familiar with
subbers was being pieced in and like what we are AKTF-ing for the '5' appeared in replacement of 'S' - DB5K
With this, the birth of one of the suggested name for the team -- W5ubbers! ~by donutnatsu

♥ How to Join?

please first install dropbox and simply send me a message with your email used for dropbox account, or leave them in the comments below (I will delete them later for your privacy)..

why dropbox? because all of us will share the same folder with the translation files inside ♥
after you join the team's folder, please check the notes inside before start working on the files
and please remember all the files inside the folder are not to be shared to public

♥ Language(s) Available Right Now


we need any other languages that's not yet listed above ^-^

note :
♥ I'm still new in the idea of multiple CC subs, so changes might apply later to improve the work, and I'm open to suggestions and critiques ^^
♥ for now, one person per language is enough, if later more people is interested to join, we'll think of a way to manage so they won't accidentally translate the same song~^^
10 February 2013 @ 07:18 am
my one and only rule
I share download links for private use ONLY

I will claim the videos reuploaded, especially if I caught one in YouTube :

yes it's really removed with a copyright strike from me
after months of my warning got ignored

check it yourself :



if you want to use the video for cover
change the audio with intrumental, etc

please ask me first, I don't bite ^^

new : I found 2 of my videos being reuploaded so far, with MY NAME removed / blocked / cut
from now, ONLY on every new fanmade videos will have my watermark on them
(since the stolen ones are all fanmades = more work to make the video)
I still won't mark the usual MV or live or concert videos for viewing pleasure ^^

now, on How To Join The Videos

for every video that is bigger than 200 MB
I don't have a choice but to split it into 2 parts

because MediaFire only accepts 200MB maximum

I use File Splitter & Joiner to split and join the videos, but you can also use HJSplit

Read more...Collapse )

I feel: busybusy
08 February 2013 @ 09:40 am
Hi everyone, my MediaFire account just got suspended..
apparently the last 2 strikes are for DVD raws that I shared with someone before and I forgot to delete it =.=

it will take (lots of) time to re-upload everything and fix the links in my posts..
I have roughly 38 GBs of subbed videos
so meanwhile, all the download links on this blog is dead >_<

I might consider moving to a new site or making my own site
(so I don't have to edit all posts here, and just simply start a new blog)

but I haven't decided yet.. so, let's see later ^^
I'll reup the most recent videos first tonight

Happy 27th Birthday our leader!! ^^

This is his solo performance on their very first concert back in 2006 ^^

Sorry for the late post of the download link..
but I did post the video on time ;)

I planned on using the solo performances on this DVD for Yunho and Changmin's bday this year,
but I realized there's no Changmin solo performance on the DVD..
Is it just me or it's really not there?

Read more...Collapse )
- do not reupload -

06 February 2013 @ 12:58 am
Jaejoong focus

The 2nd Talk segment from JYJ first concert..!
between Chajatta (Found You) and Fallen Leaves ^^

I will continue to sub the whole DVDs of this concert..
only 4 more songs left, so at least 16 videos more (3 solo and 1 group focus each)!
stay tuned~

Read more...Collapse )
- do not reupload -

26 January 2013 @ 09:38 pm
To celebrate Kim Jaejoong's 27th birthday (28th by Korean age)
I hereby present the subbed videos of all the songs in his first mini album that just came out recently ^-^

YouTube playlist : http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD_47BKyjSk5um7nKgKtsCHDeKnmIDFZ0

Track 1 : One Kiss

Lyrics by Kim Jaejoong
Composed by Kim Bada
Arranged by SHAUN

download : MF

Track 2 : Mine

Lyrics by Kim Jaejoong
Composed by Kim Bada, SHAUN
Arranged by Kim Bada, SHAUN

download : MF

note : if you have downloaded the previous Mine MV I posted
please download this one as the previous one contains a few mistakes on the translation ^^

Track 3 : 내안 가득히 (There's Only You)

Lyrics by Jeon Haeseong
Composed by Jeon Haeseong
Arranged by PJ, Kim Jinhun

download : MF

Track 4 : 나만의 위로 (My Only Comfort)

Lyrics by Kim Jaejoong
Composed by Kim Jaejoong
Arranged by Kwon Bingi

download : MF

Track 5 : All Alone

Lyrics by Kim Jaejoong
Composed by Kim Jaejoong, Kim Sejin
Arranged by Kim Sejin

download : MF

As usual, do not reupload or reuse the videos!
Have a nice weekend ^~^

16 January 2013 @ 02:57 am

Junsu's Christmas 2012 single!!^^

more videos to come~~
I'm trying to fix my work (and sleep) schedule so I can sub on the weekend!
thank you for waiting ♥
enjoy the snowySu~

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- do not reupload -

01 January 2013 @ 05:01 pm
Hello everyone~!
Merry Christmas 2012 and Happy New Year 2013...!

I'm still in semi-hiatus now since it's holiday season
I'll be back with more videos soon, probably next week?
sorry for the slow updates by the end of 2012 ^^

this week is a special week for me..
so I'll take some time off and gonna spend time with family and friends

I hope you all have a great time..!
Happy Holidays~!